Wear and Care Guide

Whether you are a new user of contact lenses or an existing one, please be sure to read this guide to ensure you are caring for your lenses properly.
First Step: Check the lenses
Some defects are undetectable by the human eye. We try our best to check the lenses before shipping out. Nevertheless, please spend at least a minute to examine them:
See if the container is cracked or broken.
See if the lenses have nicks or tears.
See if both lenses share the same color.
See if the lenses are expired.
If you see any issues, please contact Luminous Australia and we can assist in exchanging the product. Please see our Return and Exchange Policy above. If everything seems fine, go to the SECOND STEP.
*Reminder: Expiration Date
1. The expiration date on the label of the bottle/packet refers to the solution expiration date, not the lenses.
2. Lenses expiration date is calculated ONE year after you open the bottle/packet.
3. If bottle/packet is expired and lenses are found inside, in this case the lenses are considered expired.
Second Step: Opening the Vial Bottle
It's actually a bit trickier than you would think, so here are the steps to opening the vial bottle:
Open up the plastic cap (There is small indicator at the lens cover).
Pull plastic cap off together with the steal seal.
Push off the remaining steal seal.
Remove the bottle cork.
A scissor may help if you find the plastic cap or steal seal is too difficult to pull off.
Third Step: Preparation
To prepare your lens case for use, make sure you have used multipurpose solution for soft contact lenses to disinfect the lens case.
Soak the lenses for at least 8 hours in multipurpose solution before putting them in your eyes. The solution in the bottle/packet is only for storage and are NOT meant to have contact with your eyes.
Forth Step: Hand Cleaning and Hygiene Factor
Keeping your lenses clean are very important. Having good hygiene will help minimize the risk of bacterial infection. Here are a few tips:
Always wash your hand with mild soap (if possible, scentless soap) before handling your lenses.
Make sure your hand is dry and free from soap when handling the lenses.
It is best to put on the lenses before putting on makeup.
Keep your eye closed when using hairspray or other aerosols.
Fifth Step: Insertion of Lens
Putting in lenses can be tricky, but practice makes perfect!
Have clean hands (recommended to have short nails).
Have a mirror.
Check and see if the lenses are in correct position (not inside-out).
Always start with the right eye to prevent mix up.
Put lens on your index finger.
Use your middle finger to pull the lower eye lid and the other hand to pull the upper eye lid.
Put in the lens, and do not blink. Slowly but steady.
Try to put it from the bottom.
Blink your eye to adjust the position of the lenses.
Sixth Step: While Wearing Them
Check if your eyes feel dry. If they feel dry, eyedrops should help moisten them. Eyes can become dry from the environment or after several hours of wearing the lenses.
Check if your eyes feel any discomfort. To help them feel more comfortable, try the following steps:
1) Make sure you soak them for at least 8 hours before using them again.
2) Make sure they are not inside-out.
3) Check for damages or defects.
4) Try the uncomfortable lenses on the other eye and see if the discomfort is still there.
5) Make sure you are handling them with clean hands, and that you are not wearing make-up.
If the lenses won't stay in place and constantly fall out, it may be that the lenses are not the correct size for you. We recommend checking with your eye doctor to see what diameter/base curve of lenses you should be wearing.
If the lenses feel like they are scratching your eye(s), take them out immediately and do not wear them again. If you see any defects/damage, please e-mail lensesluminousaustralia@gmail.com for an exchange/return. If not, please check with your eye doctor to see if the issue may be with your eye(s).
NEVER swim with lenses in your eyes.
NEVER wear lenses in a sauna/ steam room.
NEVER wear the lenses more than 8 hours a day.
NEVER sleep with your lenses while they are in your eyes.
NEVER share your lens with others.
*Reminder: Blurry Image at the Edges of Your Sight
If the lens is blurry at the edges of your sight, it may be considered as normal. This may be caused by the color and the pattern of the lenses where it accidentally covers some areas of your pupils.
Seventh Step: Removal of Lens
When it's time to remove your lenses, remember that clean hands are very important. The steps are as follows:
Have clean hands (short nails are recommended).
Have a mirror.
Start with your right eye first.
Bring your index finger close to the eye until it touches the lens.
Slide the lens down to the lower white part of eye.
Do not blink.
Gently squeeze the lens between your thumb and index finger, then remove it.
Eight Step: Cleaning and Storage of Lens
Before taking out your lenses, have your lens case ready.
Throw away the previous solution in the case.
Wash the lens case ONLY with the multipurpose solution.
Put several drops of multipurpose solution into the contact lens case.
Put the contact lens on the palm of your lens.
Put few drops of solution onto the lens and rub it softly for about 15 seconds. This will help remove the germs.
Place your lenses into the lens case.
Make sure lenses are soaked in multipurpose solution for soft contact lenses.
Store your lenses at room temperature.
Ensure the cap is closed tight when not in use.
Change your solution every day to avoid germs growing.